Sunday, February 10, 2013

blue bright sky inside my drawers

Me and my Dad shared the same interest in furniture and home deco. he's a huge fan of thrift shop, so am i. He bought this small desk couple years ago, and give it to me. The only opposite thing from is, he LOVE teak brown color furniture, while me in the other hand mostly prefer old style with some modern twist on my furniture.

well, since technically the desk belong to me, last weekend i do some retouch on it to give some modern touch and new feeling to my room. you can find so many tutorial on youtube and blogs for the technique, and it only took me the half day to finish the sanding and the paint. since i miscalculate (yeah not that smart apparently)  the  paint quantity, some part of the drawer cant be painted so in order to cover the color i use my old scarf fabric and stapled gun it to the wood, pretty isn't? it so easy and fun to do!